- Sokolsky -

The Sokolsky, or Sokolka, originated in Poland, and is a relatively young breed, having been established for approximately 100 years. The Sokolsky developed through crosses between Belgian Heavy Draft, Belgian Ardennes, Norfolk, Dole Gudbrandsdal, and Anglo-Norman stock. The result is a versatile draft and farm animal of great strength but without being excessively heavy. They are tough with great stamina, and an excellent forward-going gait - characteristics which have ensured their popularity.

In appearance, the Sokolsky has a slightly heavy head, with a straight profile, large kind eyes, and alert ears. The neck is quite long for a draft horse, and is very muscular and broad at the base. The shoulders are well put together and reasonably sloping for a draft animal, which accounts for their free action. They should have a deep chest, pronounced withers, a short and straight back, and a sloping, muscular croup. Their legs should be strong with short cannon bones, well-defined tendons and well-formed, hard hooves. Generally they are either chestnut, bay, or brown, and stand between 15 and 16 hh.


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