- Trait du Nord -

The Trait du Nord originated in France and is still bred in the areas around Lille, the Somme, the Aisne and the Pas-de-Calais, although its numbers are in decline. The Trait du Nord owes much to the influence of the Belgian Draft, the Boulonnais, and the mostly to the Ardennes, and is sometimes incorrectly referred to as a branch of the Ardennes breed. The studbook for the Trait du Nord was established in 1919, and the breed enjoyed a brief period of popularity before its decline.

The Trait du Nord is incredibly strong with great pulling power and hardiness, as well as having a calm disposition. They are ideally suited to draft and farm work in hilly and rough terrain. They have a heavy head set on a short, muscular neck. The chest is broad and deep, the shoulders sloping and muscular, flattish withers, a short, straight back, and extremely muscular hindquarters. The legs are short and strong with well-formed joints, good feet, and feathering. They are bay or roan in color, and stand at between 15.2 and 16.2 hh.


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