- Abstang -

Taking an unrefined wild Mustang and mixing its blood with the Arabian was an interesting idea that Michele Brown of Utah did in the early 1990s. The result, called the Abstang, is a highly spirited animal willing to do whatever you ask of him, as long as he trusts you.

Brown and a number of other people have been crossing adopted wild Mustangs and Arabians for several years, and Brown founded the International Abstang Registry and Association in 1993 in an effort to gain acknowledgement for the new breed. Brown states the Abstang is an unmatchable trail horse, with endurance gleaned from the Arabian and incredible fearlessness inherited from the Mustang. "You can ride them for a very long time," she says. "They are especially great in the mountains, and are very surefooted." She also says that both Abstangs and wild horses are known for their tendency to 'always take the most direct route.'

There are 1,500 horses registered in the IARA. Some are being shown in open shows in many different classes, and they make excellent jumpers. The association doesn't have any year-end awards yet, or specific breed shows, so the Abstang owners are limited to open competition.

All the registered Abstangs are the result of Mustang/Arabian crosses. There are no Abstang to Abstang matings as yet, and there seem to be little interest in creating any.


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