- Boerperd -

The Cape Boerperd Breeders Society was formed in 1948 when a group of horse enthusiasts realized that the Boerperd was quickly disappearing in our mechanical age. These people realized how popular the old Cape Horse was throughout the world, and how the Cape Horse was famous for it's hardiness, endurance and it's ability to work hard on minimum feed, yet still maintain condition. All these outstanding characteristics made people work hard to raise a breed that would display all these characteristics and improve and refine it to be ideally suitable for South African conditions. The Cape Boerperd Horse is a multi purpose horse that can be used for work, pleasure and show.

The Cape Boerperd Horse is used for hard, demanding farm work, therefore it must be very hardy and have plenty of stamina. They need to be comfortable to ride, with enough speed at various gaits to make them pleasure horses for all who ride them. It must possess enough style and action to compete well in the show ring in any breeding, saddle or harness class. The Cape Boerperd is well known for it's good temperament and therefore is very suitable for riders of all ages as a work, pleasure and sport horse. Right now there is keen interest in the Cape Boerperd from many other countries, and members of the Cape Boerperd breeders Society are spread across the country with a bigger concentration in the Eastern and Western Cape and Griekwas.


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