- East Bulgerian -

The East Bulgerian horse breed was developed at the Vassil Kolarov stud far at the end of the 19th century. They were originally bred near Shumen and at Bojurishite near Sofia, in Bulgeria, developed by crossing local horse with Arabs, Anglo-Arabs, English Thoroughbreds, and English Half-breds. Once the breed was established, only English Thoroughbred blood wasused to improve the stock's quality.

The breed was recognized in 1951. The East Bulgerian is a very attractive horse with great refinement and quality that excels in many sorts of riding capacities from jumping to dressage and is also very useful as a light draft horse. Usually they are quiet horses with energetic temperaments, and are nicely put together with good conformation. They have fine heads with a straight profile and large, kind eyes. Their heads should be well set on an elegant, muscular neck, which should be quite long and slope into prominent withers. They typically have strong, powerful shoulders, a deep, broad chest, a long and straight back, a slightly sloping croup, and long, hard, well-made legs. They are predominantly chestnut, bay, and black in color, and stand between 15 and 16 hands high.


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