- Hispano -

The Hispano, also called the Spanish Anglo-Arab, originated in Spain as a result of a cross between mares of Arab and Andalusian heritage and English Thoroughbred stallions. The breed is also for this reason referred to as tres sangres, meaning "three blood" - the three blood lines up on which the breed is founded.  The resultant Hispano is a horse of Arabian features with the quality and stamp of the Thoroughbred and characteristics of the Andalusian. Sometimes these horses can vary quite considerably in physical appearance, with either the Arab, Thoroughbred, or Andalusian becoming the dominant feature They are characteristically extremely bold and courageous and are often used to work the young bulls in preparation for the bullring, as well as being used in competitions in the bullrings.

The Spanish have a long tradition of using bulls in sporting events, one of which is the acoso y derribo. In this, the competitor on horseback has to bring a bull to the ground using along stick. The horse ahs to be extremely quick and agile as well as being highly trained, because invariably the bulls will get up and charge. The Hispano have a quiet but lively temperament and are highly versatile and talented, making very good competition horses in both dressage and jumping. For the most part, they combine all the most admirable qualities from the three breeds in one horse, making them highly desirable as riding horses.

In appearance, they have a correctly proportioned fine head usually with a straight profile, although sometimes the Arab genes come out in the shape of the head. They tend to have a light frame, which belies their toughness and strength. Te neck is elegant and longish, and well set on, with a gentle curve from the withers to poll. They should have a wide and deep chest with a good sloping shoulder, which allows for a nice free-flowing action. The back is straight, strong, and quite short with muscular quarters and a well-set tail. The legs should be clean and tough, with well-defined tendons and strong hooves. Generally they are bay, gray, or chestnut, and stand between 14.3 and 16 hh.


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