- Malapolski -

The Malapolski is a fairly recent breed that evolved in Poland during the 19th century and could also be described as a half-bred Anglo-Arab. The breed was developed through a combination of oriental blood, Arabian, Anglo-Arabian, Shagya, and Gidran with some Thoroughbred, Furioso, Austrian Hungarian half-bred, and Przedswit, which is a type of Thoroughbred half-bred. There are two main strains of Malapolski which have developed. First, the Sadecki has been chiefly influenced by infusions of Furioso blood and secondly, the Darbowsko-Tarnowksi, which has been influenced by infusions of Gidran blood.

To further complicate matters, the Malapolski can vary quite considerably from region to region and, as a breed, exhibits a wide range of differing physical aspects! The Malapolski also has similarities to another Polish breed - the Wielkopolski - but the Wielkopolski generally has more conforming physical characteristics. The Malapolski is quite a common horse in Poland and is bred at five state stud farms at Stubno, Prudnik, Udorz, Walewice, and Janow Podlaski, as well as being widely bred by individuals in the southeastern and central areas of Poland.

In general the Malapolski is an excellent all-around versatile horse. They are still widely used in Poland for agricultural purposes and light draft, as well as riding, and make very good farm horses. They are very athletic and are increasingly used as competition horses, having a good natural jump and a bold demeanor. They have been successfully steeplechased and are fast and agile. The Malapolski has a very good temperament, being both calm and willing, but energetic when needed.  They also have good basic conformation and nice smooth paces, making them a comfortable riding horse.

In appearance, they are a classy, quality-looking horse with an attractive and well-proportioned head. Their necks are muscular, well-formed, and curved gently from withers to poll. They have a longish back, a nicely rounded barrel, and sloping shoulders. They are broad and deep through the chest and have a slightly sloping, muscular croup. They tend to have long, muscular legs and hard, naturally well-formed hooves. Usually they are brown, bay, chestnut, black, or gray, and stand between 15.2 16.2 hh.


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