- Norfolk Roadster -

The Norfolk Roadster is probably the best, most influential road horse ever known. It is also known as the Norfolk Trotter, and it forms the foundation for most of the existing trotting horse breeds. It is almost guaranteed that it had the same ancestors as the Suffolk Punch. This cobby horse, traceable back to the 15th century, was developed in the flatlands of Norfolk. It was bred to be a strong, smart, short-legged, and tireless fast-trotting horse for use either in harness or for riding. It was mainly used for sustained trotting in light harness and under saddle. They were also often used to carry farmers, with their wives riding pillion. For over four hundred years, until the advent of the railroad, the Norfolk Roadster provided an unbeatable mode of long distance, high speed transportation.

By the last half of the 20th century, the Norfolk Roadster's numbers were extremely low, and the breed almost became extinct until a few enthusiasts gathered together suitable individuals of the Norfolk Roadster type and genes, and began to breed them again.


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