- Persian Arab -

  The Persian Arab is an ancient breed of horse and is believed to have existed in Persia from approximately 2,000 B.C., which makes it older than the Arabian by about 1,500 years. The name Persian Arab covers a  vast number of different regional strains throughout Iran, which were named after the families that bred them. The Persian Arab is now greatly reduced in  numbers, partly due to African horse sickness, which affected Iran in the 1950s, and which wiped out a vast number of the breed. The were, of course, the primary means of transport until the advent of motor vehicles and only relatively recently has te horse become used for sporting purposes, such as Arab racing.

The southern regions of Khuzestan is an area where Arab breeding has been increasing and Khuzestan produces some notable strains of the Persian Arab. They also have very set rules on the breeding and selective breeding process, and this has helped to keep the strains pure. In general terms, the Persian Arab is similar to the Arabian in conformation and characteristics, although they are slightly heavier in build. They are attractive horses with great presence and natural carriage and bearing. They make very good riding horses and are quick and agile with enormous stamina and spirit.

In appearance, they have the typical Arab type head, broad through the forehead with a dished profile and small, pricked ears. They are compact and muscular through the body, have an arched neck, a broad and deep chest, rounded quarters and a set tail that is carried high. Generally they are gray, bay, or chestnut in color, and stand between 14.2 and 15.2 hh.

Two breeds in Iran that have developed from the Persian Arab are the Jaf from Kurdistan and the Darashouri from the Fars region. Both these breeds have predominantly Arab characteristics, and are spirited, quick, and have good stamina, and tend to stand at approximately 15 hh. The Jaf is considered to have better stamina than the Darashouri and be better able to cope in the extreme desert conditions. The Darashouri, on the other hand, is more attractive and more elegant than the Jaf.


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