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A highly attractive pony of Arab type, the American Walking Pony is often described as a 'dream walking'. This breed was founded in 1968 by Joan Hudson Brown. Although the breed exhibits a fixed type and characteristics, the right combination came about only after fourteen years of crossbreeding. The main goal was to produce a larger pony with great quality and a beautiful performance for the showring. The eventual foundation cross was a registered Tennessee Walking Horse and a registered Welsh Pony. The Welsh mare, Browntree's Flicka, was highly influential in the early development of the breed and is Number One on the breed register. Listed at Number Five on the register as the first registered stallion is her son, BT Golden Splendor.

The American Walking Pony combines the best traits of both breeds- they are born with natural gaits, inherited from the Tennessee Walking Horse, and the admirable qualities of the Welsh Pony. The unique gaits of the American Walking Pony include the Pleasure Walk, Merry Walk and Canter, although they are seven-gaited and are worth comparing to the champion of Walking Horses, Roan Allen. The Pleasure Walk is a four beat gait that is faster than a regular walk but slower than a trot. The Merry Walk is a four beat gait also, but much faster and is accompanied by a head nodding movement, with the pony nicely put together with its hocks under it and its head carried well. The American Walking Pony is highly versatile, having proven itself in jumping, dressage, showing, pleasure riding, and driving.

They have finely shaped, attractive heads, uncharacteristic of most pony breeds. They should have necks with good length, muscular, and set and carried well. The shoulders are nicely sloped allowing for freedom of movement, the chest should be broad and deep, the back compact, and the hindquarters well-muscled. American Walking Ponies stand up to fourteen hands high and can be any solid color. Typically, they have great presence and quality.


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