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The Asturian, also known as the Galician, is an ancient breed of pony originated from the Asturias region of Northern Spain. The exact ancestry of the Asturian is not known, but it is thought to have developed through crosses between the Sorraia of Spain and the Garrano of Portugal, while also tracing back to the ancient Celtic Pony. These ponies are hardy and frugal, being able to survive in areas where other horse and pony breeds would perish. Over the years, the breed has faced possible and imminent extinction.

Recently, however, their plight came to light and societies were formed to help protect them. The Asturian Ponies have a quiet and biddable temperament and are very useful for riding, driving, pack, and trekking. They tend to have a small, heavy head, a thin neck with an abundant mane, low withers, a deep chest, straight shoulders, and sturdy legs with strong joints and very hard hooves.

Generally they exhibit straight backs with a rounded barrel and a sloping croup with a low set tail. Usually they are brown or black in color with minimal white markings on their face and legs. They usually stand between 11.2 and 12.2 hands high.


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