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The French Saddle pony, also known as the Poney Francais de Selle, is a relatively new breed, having been created to fulfill the same role as the British Riding pony. The breeding process has included crossbreeding native pony mares with Welsh, New Forest, Arabian and Connemara stallions, as well as taking Merens, Basque, and Landais mares and crossbreeding these with the New Forest, Selle Francais, and Connemara stallions.

These ponies are versatile and make wonderful children's ponies. They have a quiet but lively temperament and are quite attractive. The French Saddle Pony has a small, finely shaped head with kind eyes and alert ears. They have a good length of neck and a nicely set, deep chest with sloping shoulders. Their legs are strong with well-formed joints and very hard hooves. The back is straight and the croup sloping  with a well-set tail. They can be any color and tend to stand between 12.2 and 14.2 hh.


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