- Lundy -

The Lundy pony is a recent breed, developed on the island of Lundy by using New Forest mares and an Arabian stallion. The Connemara and Welsh Mountain ponies have had an influence on the breed, but it has otherwise stayed free of other breed influence. The pony herd was moved in 1980 from the island to Cornwall and North Devon. Their breed society was formed in 1984 and since then some of the mares and foals have been sent back to the island.

The island of Lundy provides a very harsh and unfriendly environment, with extreme weather and poor grass. This  has helped in making the Lundy very tough and hardy, and an economical eater. They make wonderful children's ponies and are highly attractive with good conformation and natural jumping ability.

They usually have fine heads with a well set and muscular neck and nicely proportioned body, with a strong, compact back and good hindquarters. The chest is deep and wide, with sloping shoulders and hard, sound legs. They are predominantly dun, roan, bay, palomino, and liver chestnut, and do not stand higher than 13.2 hh.


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