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The Mongolian pony is, perhaps, one of the oldest breeds and also one of the most influential, standing right up there with the Arabian and Iberian Horse. They originated in Mongolia, hence their name, and descended from the Przewalski's Horse, which was also known as the Asian Wild Horse. When the Mongolians invaded their surrounding countries, their influence spread across Asia and Europe. The were probably at one time the mount of Genghis Khan and his feared warriors. The Mongolian pony has stayed mostly unchanged and, true to its original form, retains many primitive characteristics.

Largely due to environmental conditions, several different types of breeds have emerged from under the Mongolian heading. There are four main groups, commonly known as the forest, mountain, steppe, and Gobi types. The forest type is the largest and stands as tall as 13.2 hh. They have the heaviest body frame and are the best suited for draft and pack work. The mountain type, on the other hand, is smaller and stand approximately 13 hh and usually has a pinto coat coloring. The steppes pony type is usually around the same size as the mountain type, and in conformationally more suitable for ridden work. The Gobi, or desert type, is the smallest of them all and usually has a pale coal coloring. They are never used for milk production, although the others commonly are.

All four of these types, though, are coarse in appearance but have excellent stamina and are able to work long and hard hours with little care. They are very tough and live out in the elements all year round, usually with no extra food and little shelter. They have amazing endurance and will often travel distances of sixty to one hundred and twenty miles per day, a feat rarely achieved by any other horse. Some of the even have lateral gaits, which are very smooth and further enhance their usefulness as long distance endurance horses. They are used for draft, pack, and riding, but are also raised for milk and meat production. They are selectively bred for these purposes.

In appearance they are not particularly attractive, but rather often have a coarse, primitive type head. They are short and stock an have muscular necks with a wide, strong frame and a short, compact back with powerful hindquarters. Their legs are short and strong and they have very tough feet.

These ponies are found mainly throughout the northeast, northwest, and northern China, mainly in the high plains and highland areas. It is one of the numerous indigenous breeds of China.


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