- Nigerian -

The Nigerian pony originates in Nigeria and is generally believed to be related to the Barb horse. The Barb breed, brought to Nigeria by the Nomads, were crossbred with the local ponies, which resulted in the Nigerian. The Nigerian pony may have been descended from the little known Poney Mousseye of Cameroon. The Nigerian is a large pony breed, although they are occasionally referred to as small horses. Although the Nigerian is a pony, it also exhibits some horselike features. They are very versatile and are often used for light draft and pack work, as well as for riding purposes.

Typically they are quiet and have good stamina and endurance. They can resist the heat of their environment, and are also tough and hardy. They tend to have plain heads with a straight profile and small, alert ears, a short neck, nicely sloping shoulders, a deep chest, prominent withers, a short back, and the sloping croup characteristic to the Barb horse. They are, as a whole, attractive ponies, compact throughout the body with strong legs, but sometimes poorly developed hindquarters. They can be of any color and often stand between 14 and 14.2 hands high, the limit for a pony.


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