- Peneia -

The Peneia, an old breed found in the semi-mountainous regions of Eleia in the Peloponnese, are probably related to the Pindos pony of Greece but are rarer and exist in very few numbers. They are more heavily built than the Pindos and are used for all forms of work including agriculture, harness, pack, and riding, and they have very amenable temperaments.  Their conformation is not exemplary, but they are functional animals and are extremely tough and hardy. They have a sound constitution and have great stamina and endurance and are very sure-footed across rough terrain.

The Peneia is a very capable and useful pony and makes a good, natural jumping horse. The stallions of this breed are often used for breeding hinnies . Although they possess a rather stilted stride they are taught a form of the gait called the aravani, which produces in them a smoother action than their natural one. They are generally heavily framed with a coarse head and a very muscular neck. They have a broad, strong back, but strangely weak and underdeveloped hindquarters. They have legs that are typically very sound and strong, although they frequently exhibit cow or sickle hocks. They are mostly roan, chestnut, or black in color. Peneia ponies range in height from 10 to 14 hh.

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