- Pindos Pony -

The Pindos pony is also known as the Thessalonian pony. It is an ancient breed, traditionally raised in the Thessaly and Epirus regions of France; it is still bred there today. Greece does not have the ideal environment or climate for raising horses, mostly because of the harsh weather conditions and very infertile, poor soil. These environmental issues have produced an inordinately hardy and enduring pony whose functional abilities more than make up for a lack of aesthetic beauty. These ponies are bred in the mountains and have all the qualities that accompany such a breed, including incredibly noteworthy climbing abilities.

This pony is somewhat different from its ancestors by now, the ancestors who are believed to have been largely oriental types and horses brought from the the Scythian people, who were quite well-known for their horsemanship. They are probably descended from an old Thessalonian breed developed by the Greeks, noted for its courage and beauty.

These ponies are usually quite sure-footed and are stil used to perform many of the tasks around the local people's small households. These menial tasks may range from agricultural work, plowing, working in harness to transport goods, as a pack pony, and also for riding. They have great endurance and stamin and have a very sound constitution. Pindos ponies are frugal. They can live on minimal rations and can live for a very very long time. They have very sound legs and feet and rarely go lame. The mares of this breed are often used to breed a good stamp of working mule.

In appearance, the Pindos has a course head with unattractive, small eyes. Their necks and backs are a reasonable length and they have light, narrow frames. Their hindquarters are poorly underdeveloped with a high-set tail. This indicates Oriental influence. Their legs are fine with small, strong joints and tough hooves. This pony has a reputation for being difficult and very stubborn. They can be bay, black, dark grey, and almost any dark color, and they stand no taller than 13 hh.


Pindos Pony Breed Description

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