- Sandalwood -

This breed originated  in Indonesia on the islands of Sumba and Sumbawa and gets its name from the export of sandalwood, which is one of Indonesia's main crops.  The Sandalwood is the best of the Indonesian breeds and owes this to the high percentage of Arabian blood that their bodies contain. The Sandalwood is a highly versatile pony and is used for riding, pack, farm, and draft work as well as the ever popular flat racing and harness racing. They are very quick and agile and are used often for the local bareback races over three miles on the islands.

The Sandalwood makes an excellent children's pony, and many have been exported to Australia for this exact reason. They are also exported to other Southeast Asian countries as racing ponies. Rhey have great stamina and endurance and are quiet and very easy to manage.  They have nicely proportioned heads with small, alert ears and intelligent eyes. Sandalwood ponies generally have a short, muscular neck, a deep chest, a long, straight back, and a sloping croup. They can be any color (even purple?) and stand between 12 and 13 hh.

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