- Sardinian Pony -

There is very little fact known about the development of this pony breed. The Sardinian pony is now rather rare, but there are many more records about the Sardinian horse, known also as the Sardinian Anglo-Arab. The Sardinian pony is ancient, having come from early imports of Arabian and Barb horses. Spanish blood also runs through their veins. The first documented mention of this pony was not made until 1845, and ever since then they have still remained fairly anonymous.

The Sardinian pony, although small in stature, exhibits horse-like characteristics. This is especially seen in the conformation of the foals.  Worth considering is the fact that this is another pony breed descended from horses, and shaped accordingly by their wild environment. Many of these ponies live in a feral state on harsh plateaus, approximately two thousand feet above sea level. Their living conditions are very poor and food is scarce. These living conditions have made these ponies extremely tough and hard, resistant to the weather, and economical feeders.

The domesticated version of this pony is suitable for riding, light draft work, and light farm work as well. They are very surefooted over rough terrain, which makes them invaluable for pack and trekking purposes. Generally they exhibit a quiet temperament, but there are instances of the Sardinian showing a difficult streak. They are also known for being somewhat stubborn.

They have heavy heads with a straight or convex profile, small, alert ears, and large, intelligent eyes. Their necks are in proportion with their bodies. The neck is muscular, with a good arch from the withers to the poll. Their backs are short and compact but inclined to be hollow. The croup is sloping with a low-set tail. The conformation of the shoulders is mostly good, having a nice slope and being very powerful. They are deep and wide through the chest and have long legs, which are strong but have very fine bone. The hooves are tough, therefore they do not generally exhibit lameness in the legs or feet, although they do have the conformational defect of cow hocks. Usually these ponies are brown, black, boy, or liver chestnut. They stand between 12 and 13 hh.

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