- Sumba -

The Sumba and Sumbawa ponies are effectively the same, and are named after the islands of Sumba and Sumba and Sumbawa, where they dwell. They are descended from an ancient stock and have both Chinese and Mongolian blood infused in their veins. These ponies are widely used on the islands for a variety of jobs, including pack, ,riding, and some light draft work. They exhibit extraordinary strength and are frequently ridden by men for use in the fast and furious game of Lance Throwing. They are also used in traditional Indonesian dancing competitions, where young boys ride the ponies bareback in patterds dictated by the dance master. The ponies are decked out with bells attached to their knees and move in time to a rhythm beaten on a drum.

These are typically quiet ponies, and are willing with good stamina and endurance. They are also quite fast and agile. The Sumba has primitive characteristics, with a heavy head, a short muscular neck, a deep chest, straight shoulders, and flat withers. They often have long backs, which are by the way very strong, and tend to have a sloping croup. The legs are fine but strong with well-formed hooves, and although they may be any color, dun is predominant, with a dark dorsal stripe and black points. They do not generally exceed 12.2 hh.

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