Batak Quiz

1. The Batak is an ____?____ breed of pony.

  • Indonesian

  • Himalayan

  • Yugoslavian

  • Malaysian

2. Where do these ponies originate?

  • Sumeria

  • Sumatra

  • Somalia

  • Sonora

3. The Batak looks a lot like its main ancestor. Which one is it?

  • Bhutia

  • Basque

  • Gayoe

  • Arabian

4. Which of these colors can the Batak be?

  • Gray and palomino only

  • Bay, gray, and chestnut only

  • Gray, black, and brown only

  • Any color

5. The Batak has a ___?___ frame.

  • Weak and narrow

  • Strong and stocky

  • Slender and bulky

  • Large and imposing

(highlight the area below with your mouse to see answers)

1. A

2. B

3. D

4. D

5. A

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