What you'll need

  • Paper play money
  • Cones


  • Place the money under the rider's leg between the leg and the saddle
  • Set up cones around the arena


Student rides horse at walk, trot, and/or canter while keeping the play money in-between the leg and the saddle, or ride bareback with the money between thigh and horse.


  • Ride without stirrups
  • Ride in two-point position
  • Ride bareback
  • Weave between cones
  • Jump a small jump

Added benefits:

This game challenges the rider to have a deep seat, to maintain contact with the saddle at all times to keep the "dollar" from falling out. It is also good for the rider that can't seem to keep their legs on the saddle - place a dollar in-between their knee and the saddle and see how long they can keep it there.