Daily Training Tips


May 15, 2006

Don't keep your horse in his stall all the time! If the weather is nice, do your best to find a place to turn him out, preferably where he can eat grass and get some sunshine. If your horse is in his stall all day and only comes out usually once a day, to get ridden for an hour or so, he's going to get bored. And when horses get bored, they develop bad habits. They may learn how to open their doors, start kicking or biting, cribbing, wind sucking, etc. You get the picture. It's a bad idea to only bring your horse out a little bit every day...they are herd animals, and they weren't intended to be locked in a little box all day long! Give him at least a couple of hours of turnout a day, and if possible, keep him out 24/7 with other horses. Ride him often, and hand graze, groom, and just spend time with your horse. You'll have a happier horse for it, to be sure!