Australian/Outback/Endurance Saddles

Click on the pictures/links you'd like the view in full size and detail. Saddles are available in many sizes, shapes, and colors. Enjoy!


Bushmaster Poley

Station Poley

Ranger 19" Traditional Australian Stock Saddle With Horn

Boree Poley

Bushmaster Premium 18" Australian Saddle

Somerset Endurance

The Kimberley Stock No Horn

The Legend With Horn

The Campdraft Special, No Horn

The Campdraft Special With Horn

Suprema Northern Barcoo With Horn

Bushmaster Poley with Horn

Station Poley With Horn

Suprema Northern Barcoo

The Longreach Endurance No Horn

Bushmaster Premium 19" Australian Saddle

The Longreach Endurance With Horn

The Superior Poley No Horn

The Superior Poley With Horn

The Trailmaster No Horn

The Kimberley Poley No Horn

Exmoor Endurance English Saddle

The Kimberley High Country No Horn

The Kimberley High Country With Horn

The Kimberley Lite Rider With Horn

Alite Synthetic Aussie Saddle No Horn

Alite Synthetic Saddle With Horn

Stockrider 17" Australian Saddle