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- How To Buy The Perfect Horse Online -

By: Shannon Margolis

When you want to find a horse to buy you want to find a horse that is right for you. You want to make sure that the temperament is good, that the horse is sound and that he is healthy before you buy. Horse sellers who are advertising online will often include good, clear photos and lots of information. Whether you buy horses online, through classifieds or through a friend, an honest seller will gladly answer any questions that you may have when you let them know you may buy horses from them. If the seller seems to dodge certain questions, such as, has the horse ever foundered? Then you need to look a little harder or perhaps elsewhere for your horse.

You can often buy horse tack in the same places that you can buy a horse. If you want to buy horses online, there is usually a section devoted to tack, feed, hay, trailers and other equipment. In print classifieds it tends to be all lumped under one category such as 'horses' or 'livestock.' You may be able to find a horse for sale, but he may be buried among ads for trailers and cows. Quite often, online searching is the way to go for a fast, easy and organized way to find a horse. Another perk to buying online is that many sites offer ratings for both buyer and seller. This allows both parties to research the other to ensure a safer, more secure sale. A seller with good ratings is more likely to be honest about the condition of the horse and more helpful in facilitating the sale while a buyer with good ratings is more likely to come through and be a serious buyer. The rating system is also an incentive for buyers and sellers to conduct business in an ethical manner.

There are some very important and crucial questions to ask the seller when you set out to buy your horse, whether you buy horses online, from the print classifieds or from a breeder. For instance, you should know if your horse has ever foundered, if he kicks or bites, if he trailers well. Also, ask if he has ever had colic or, more importantly, has a tendency to colic. Ask if he has been stabled with other horses, in a public stable or by himself. When was the last time he was seen by a vet? Is he current with his vaccines and worming? Has he had a recent negative coggins pulled (more prevalent in southern states)? When was the last time he was ridden? Is he green-broke? What type of tack has been used on him? English? Western? These are just some basic questions to get you going. If you do not know what these terms mean or why they are important, then you need to research and learn about them before you own a horse. Also create a list of personal preference questions that you want to ask such as how is the horse with children or how tall is he? When you find a horse that fits your needs you will walk into the sale as educated as possible on the animal. You can buy horse equipment and buy horses online as a convenient option when you decide to add a horse to your family.

If you are further interested in looking to buy a horse online please visit www.horsegalore.com as there are many horses for sale and rescue horses available.

View their website at: http://www.horsegalore.com


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