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EK Newsletter 10/25/2007 -

By: Sally A. Nolte

Hooray, it finally rained!! As some of you know, lessons have been postponed a few times due to the rain. However, if you don't hear from me, assume that your lesson is still on. If it's barely sprinkling, we'll still have a lesson ' but if it's pouring cats and dogs, we won't ' that ruins the saddles and bridles, because of the leather.

There is no Parents' Day this Saturday due to so many people having other things going on, not being able to make it. We will plan a day for next year, along with scads of other activities and events.

Dublin will be used in lessons extending through the month of November (thank you, Fran!!), so we'll be taking Dublin and Prissy to the Flintrock Farm show on November 10th.

Flintrock Farm show ' this will be an all-day event. Several students will be jumping in this show, and some just in flat classes. So far I know Leslie, Ana, Sydney, Lauren, Mariah, and Kendall are showing. Please let me know if you are interested by the end of the week! Also how many classes you want to go in ' probably it will be 2-4 classes per person. You don't need all your formal attire for this show, because it's a schooling show, but there's a good chance the weather will be pretty cool, so you're welcome to wear the whole outfit. At the very least you'll need a nice shirt with no graphics or writing on it, (no t-shirts!), your breeches and boots, and a black helmet. Classes are $8/class, the show starts at 9. We'll be taking the burgundy trailer and red truck this time. Students that are jumping need to be at the show by 9 to warm up.

Also I will need students that are showing to come by the barn Friday evening before the show to help spot-wash the horses, clean/brush tails and manes, band manes, clean tack, make hay nets and get water buckets, and get everything taken up to the trailer in preparation for the show. This will be mandatory for everyone showing ' time is yet to be determined. You'll learn a lot from this! And with that many people, it shouldn't take long to get everything done.

Fundraiser deadline is coming up! Please have your books turned in by October 31st, Halloween. Anytime that week is fine ' you don't have to make a special trip to turn in your Skratchers card. Once the fundraiser is complete we can begin work on our new tack room!! I'm so excited ' we really need the room badly. If you're planning on making a donation, please do so by the end of October. Anything you can donate will be greatly appreciated, and the effects of your generosity will be felt by all. Thank you so much!

Questions ' call me.

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