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EK Newsletter 8/27/2007 -

By: Sally A. Nolte

I'd like to welcome some new students to our barn family! Chris Toft, Abigail Taub, Jay Woody, Carrie Myers, and Janet Solomon! We're very glad to have you with us, and hope you stick with the fantastic sport of horseback riding!

So'Fundraiser!!! So far the interest has been pretty good'please email me or call me and let me know how interested you are in helping, and how much you think you can do, so I know how many cards to order! If you want to help, I'll start by ordering one card per person'.if you think you can do more, let me know! You can also tell me at your lessons. I'd like to get the fundraiser started in early September and have it run through the end of the month. That'll give everyone plenty of time to get all those circles scratched off! Some of the things we're going to do with the fundraiser money:

  • Get a wheel for the gate at the entrance to field (it hits the ground partway in)
  • Get new rubber mats for the wash area
  • Put new latches on the stall doors and gates
  • Put boards up in the barn where they're missing or broken
  • Replace some of the broken boards on the fences
  • Get new western saddles for the kids and those interested in riding western
  • Buy new cones for the arena ' colored ones!!
  • Buy Pole Bending poles (it's a new sport!)
  • Buy a radio for the barn
  • Get shoes put on Dandy
  • Get new jump cups and poles for the arena
  • And anything else we can think of!

Next subject'the Flintrock Farm show on September 15! It starts early, at 9 am. It's a schooling show, so there will be a lot of available classes to enter. Anyone that is interested in showing, please let me know ahead of time so I can schedule horses and riders for individual classes. It's debatable whether or not Dublin is going ' it may just be Prissy, we may have another horse by then. Details to come on Dublin's situation. Let me know if you want to ride Prissy, or Dublin, or both in the show and we'll see how much interest we have. There is a possibility I'll decide not to let you show, if you haven't before ' that discretion is up to me to decide, based on my knowledge of your current riding skills. That's not to say that you're not all doing wonderfully, but that some of you just aren't quite ready to show yet!

Definitely let me know if you want to show. Know that there is a considerable amount of money that goes into showing, both in investing in the clothes for showing, and in entry fees. There is a $25 showing/horse use/coaching fee/trailering fee applicable to each student entering the shows. Due to the number of people that will probably show, each student may get to enter about 2-4 classes each.

Labor Day is September 3rd! I'll be teaching in the morning, but only until 10 ' so get your lessons scheduled early if you still want to come! I'll be out as early as 8 for anyone that wants to come.

It's supposed to be cooler this week! There may also be a lot of thunderstorms, so be forewarned!

I guess that's all for now'.let me know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions! Schedules will be changing a bit because of school starting back up, so a lot of the younger school-age students will be taking lessons on weekends now. That frees up more time for you after-work adults!

If you've quit lessons for the summer and want to start them back up after next week when school starts, write or call me and let me know!!

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