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EK Newsletter 9/17/2007 -

By: Sally A. Nolte> The Flintrock Show Saturday didn't turn out all that well ' Prissy came up lame after only two classes, and we're still not exactly sure why! Mariah and Tootsie did a fantastic job, though, and got an honorable mention ribbon at the end of the day for showing the best skill of all the riders there, and Kendall placed third and fifth in the Walk Only classes. Great job, you two! And for those that couldn't show because of Prissy's leg ' she's doing better! I put anti-inflammatory medicine on it on Saturday and Sunday, and she's trotting out much better now.> Good news! There is a show coming up on October 6th at the Piedmont Saddle Club! A lot of you have been there before. We'll be taking Prissy and Dublin. This is not quite the 'schooling show' that the Flintrock show was, but it still has some classes you guys can go in to get some experience. The run times are from 9-6, and there are two different judges ' English and Western. There are some 'fun' classes in this show, too. Class prices vary depending on what class you're going in, and for some of them, you not only win a ribbon, but money! That's right, you can win back your entry fee for the class, plus sometimes more! The Jamestown Rotary Horse Show is only about a ten minute drive from Equine Kingdom Riding Academy ' so it's definitely do-able! Some of you will be cantering in the show, if you so choose. Call or email me and let me know if you want to show! >Other than those few bits, there isn't much to report. Rocky, Dandy, and Enoch are being used in lessons now, so they're rideable ' just ask if you want to ride one of them. Fundraiser cards should be here any day now ' then I'll send out another newsletter with news about those. If you want to make a donation, it has to go through me first ' Funds will not be given to USERL until the entire fundraiser is over, then we'll send in a check for the amount for them, then use the rest for renovating and building on Equine Kingdom Riding Academy.  Any and all amounts you can give will be greatly appreciated! Think of how much you'll be doing for the farm ' creating a better environment for your children to ride in, for the horses! And helping the abused, neglected horses at www.ncerl.com

>There will be Gift Certificates available for riding lessons for those you love! I'm working on getting those made and printed out. Parents, these are a great gift for your children! Also fantastic for relatives, neighborhood kids, your childrens' friends, co-workers, and so much more! Why, they're good for anyone, really! Take advantage of them this holiday season! Get them early! Use them for birthdays, special occasions, and more!

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