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EK Newsletter 9/28/2007 -

By: Sally A. Nolte

The fundraiser is under way! Thanks very much to all of those participating, or that are planning on making a donation! Your help is appreciated more than you will ever know, and your kindness is unparalleled! Thank you for helping to make a difference, not only for your children and everyone that rides at Best Friends Farm, but also for the Rescue Horses we'll be helping with a donation to the United States Equine Rescue League. Keep up the good work, everyone! The fundraiser will run through the end of October, so you have plenty of time to finish. If you complete one card, feel free to ask for another one! I still have some left. >Remember I said there'd be prizes? If you finish one entire card, you'll get a gorgeous full color horse mousepad for your computer! They come in four different designs ' and all are very pretty! You can choose either that or a deck of horse playing cards. I think I might get a mousepad for myself, too'you never know! But I'm not telling what the prize will be for the person that raises the most money! Everyone that fills up a whole card gets a prize, but the more you sell, the more eligible you are for the prize! 

>The horses all got new shoes the other day ' and now Dandy has shoes! Hooray! His feet aren't bothering him nearly as much when he's walking on the rocks or pavement now as they were before. Enoch is doing really well; he's been used in lessons a couple of times, and I'm working on getting his canter more balanced. His steering is much better than it used to be, and his transitions are about the only thing that need work now. Tigger is doing great ' I've ridden her three times so far, for a total of about 2 hours. She's very smooth, at a walk and trot, and she's been great so far ' she does everything I ask her to. Her response to riding is much better than I guessed it would be ' which is definitely a good thing! She carved a chunk of flesh out of her hip the other day (not sure how), so her hip is very tender ' be careful if you're petting her, she skitters around if you try to touch it. 

>The Jamestown Rotary Show is next weekend, October 6, at the Piedmont Saddle Club in Colfax. It starts at 9 and *promises* to be completely done by 6. As I said before, there aren't very many classes, but that's alright. There are still some we can show in. So far only Sydney and Kendall are going. Let me know if you want to go as well! Prizes vary from ribbons, trophies, and money, depending on the class you enter. This is a bit of a more high-class show ' do your best and keep a smile on your face! We'll be leaving around 9:30 am ' not too early, because there are a lot of jumping classes first. English classes are first, and we'll show in classes 8, 12-15, and then 22 is a leadline class. Then we'll be done for the day! It's a really easy day. One more person would be great to bring along! Most of the classes are $7 to enter. 

>Let me know if you want more information on the show! 

>One more thing ' Equine Kingdom now offers gift certificates! If you have someone in mind you'd like to give riding lessons as a gift, download the attached form and print off the certificates. Fill it out, except for the 'Paid For' and 'Signature' part ' those are for me, that I will sign when you pay for the certificate. You can get as many riding lessons as you want on one certificate ' if you order 10 or more at a time, it's $30 per lesson, regardless of whether they end up being private or group. (Regularly group is $30, private is $35).  Less than that will be based on private or group according to rider's skill level.

>Feel free to contact me with questions! 

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