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How to Think Like A Horse: The Essential Handbook for Understanding Why Horses Do What They Do

Horse Stable and Riding Arena Design

Horse Owner's Veterinary Handbook (Howell Reference Books)

Horsekeeping on a Small Acreage: Designing and Managing Your Equine Facilities

- Horse Terms Beginning With G -

Gait: the correct term for the horse's different basic movements in action. Natural gaits are walk, trot, canter, and gallop; artificial ones are the running walk, fox trot, amble, and broken amble, pave, rack, or single foot. The word 'paces' is often incorrectly used

Gaited Horse: an American term for a a saddle or riding horse which can perform artificial as well as natural gaits. A three-gaited horse must show walk, trot, and canter. A five gaited horse must also how a slow gait (running walk, fox trot, or amble) and a fast rack

Galls: sores and/or swelling

Galvayne's Groove: v-shaped groove that appears at the gum line of the corner incisor at age of 10

Gas Colic: colic caused by excessive amounts of gas in the stomach and/or intestines

Gaskin: the heavy muscular area between the hock and the stifle

Geld: to castrate a male horse

Gelding: a male horse that has been castrated and so is unable to reproduce

Genuine: refers to an honest horse; one which gives everything it has in races

Gestation: the period of time between conception and giving birth. Pregnancy, in a horse from 330 to 345 days

Girth: belly band ' strap around horse's body (heart girth) just behind front legs, which holds saddle or harness in place

Glans Penis: the end of the penis

Going Away: to win while increasing lead

Go-Round: a preliminary or elimination round (or heat) in a class with a large number of entries. Some events have two or three go-rounds, and scores are averaged

Good Doer: a horse that thrives on a minimum amount of food

Good Track: a drying track surface between sloppy and fast

Grab: thin protrusion of metal on the toe of a horseshoe. Used primarily on training and racing plates to give increased forward grip and traction

Grade: an unregistered horse

Graded Race: the most important or prestigious races in North America are assigned grades (I, II, or III) based on the quality of previous winners and the race's influence on other races or championships

Graduate: to break maiden; to describe a horse which has fulfilled one condition and moves on to a higher level

Grand Prix: top caliber classes in dressage and show jumping, often offering large cash prizes

Granuloma: an excessive amount of non-healing tissue in a wound

Gravel: an abscess of the hoof wall extending from the white line to the coronet

Gray: a color in which the skin is black, and the hair is a mixture of black and white

"Green" or Green-Broke: an inexperienced horse or rider, relatively speaking. In hunter classes, the horse can be any age and is rated according to awards won in past performances

Grey Roan: a horse with a coat of mixed grey and white hairs

Grey: a horse with a truly grey coat

Groom: the person who takes direct care of one or more horses, washing, grooming, and feeding them

Grooming: the process by which horses bond and clean each other, by mutual chewing up and down the neck, withers, and back. Also the process used to brush and clean the domestic horse

Ground Tie: to stand in one place, with reins dropped on the ground

Ground Training: when the trainer works the horse from the ground, rather than being mounted. Includes in-hand work, barn manners, longeing, and ground driving

Group Race: European equivalent to North American graded races

Grulla: a dun body color that ranges from bluish gray to a brownish gray

Grullo: a type of dun with a smoky or mouse-colored body, and usually having a black mane, tail, lower legs, and dorsal stripe

Gullet: area under the fork, swells, or pommel of the saddle

Gymkhana: a program of competitive games on horseback, usually timed events

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