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How to Think Like A Horse: The Essential Handbook for Understanding Why Horses Do What They Do

Horse Stable and Riding Arena Design

Horse Owner's Veterinary Handbook (Howell Reference Books)

Horsekeeping on a Small Acreage: Designing and Managing Your Equine Facilities

- Horse Terms Beginning With K -

Keepers: fixed loops, used to keep the ends of the straps of a bridle (or saddle) in place

Kicking Boards: wooden boards placed around the inside wall of the stable up to a height of four feet. They can also be used around the inside walls of both indoor and outdoor schools, and in this case they are often much lower

Kicking Boots: felt boots placed on the back feet of a mare before she is covered by a stallion. They protect the stallion, should she kick him

Kiss: a smacking noise made with the lips, to cue the horse to move forward also known as "clucking"

Knee Boot: leather or plastic device used to protect knees from bruising each other as horse jogs or races

Knee: the carpal joint, between the radius and the cannon of the foreleg

Knock-Kneed: where the knees appear to bow in toward each other

Koumiss: a drink made from fermented mare's milk

Kur: musical freestyle in dressage

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