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How to Think Like A Horse: The Essential Handbook for Understanding Why Horses Do What They Do

Horse Stable and Riding Arena Design

Horse Owner's Veterinary Handbook (Howell Reference Books)

Horsekeeping on a Small Acreage: Designing and Managing Your Equine Facilities

- Horse Terms Beginning With T -

Tack: the popular slang for saddlery and equipment for the horse

Tail Rope: rope attached to horse's tail by a half hitch, then tied forward to neck or harness

Tail Rubbing: a habit that may originate from anal or skin itch or a dirty sheath or udder. Even when the cause is removed, the habit often persists

Tail Wrap: material to wrap tail during breeding or examination and foaling

Taken Up: a horse pulled up sharply by his rider because of being in close quarters

Tapadero: a leather hood fixed to the front of the stirrup. A covering over the stirrups in a western saddle to prevent the riders foot from slipping through and to give a decorative effect

TDN: Total Digestible Nutrients. Indicates the usable amounts of various nutrients found in feed

Tease: the action of a mare in heat; the action of a stallion when he sees mares; to bring a teaser stallion near mares to determine if they are in heat

Teaser: a stallion that is used to test if a mare is in season and will be receptive to breeding

Teasing: in heat

Temperament: the general consistency with which a horse behaves

Temperature: normal adult temperature varies among horses, but will usually range in degrees from 99.5'F to 100.5'F

Tendons: tough, fibrous cords, slightly elastic, that attach muscle to bone and give support to joints

Test Jump: to allow a teaser to mount a mare before the actual breeding stallion is risked

Tetanus: bacterial disease caused by Ciostridium tetani

Texas Gate: gate of barbed wire

Thin Soles: the surface area of the underneath of the foot which is in some breeds such as the Thoroughbred, 'thin', being susceptible to bruising very easily

Third Eyelid: nictitating membrane, pink membrane in inner corner of eye that can extend across eyeball

Thorough Pin: swelling in the web of the hock that may be an unsoundness or a blemish

Thoroughbred: the breed of horse registered with the Jockey Club. Not meant to be used as a synonym for purebred. All individuals can trace ancestry back to one of five Arabian stallions

Throat-Latch: the part of the bridle passing under the horse's head holding the bridle on over the horse's poll

Thrombus: clot in, or blocking, a blood vessel

Thrush: a foul-smelling disease of the hoof which causes decomposition of the frog and other hoof structures. It is often associated with unsanitary conditions, but a more likely predisposing cause is lack of exercise and neglected foot care

Tied-in Below The Knee: a conformational fault which describes a horse that has a smaller measurement of bone below the knee than above the fetlock

Tiedown: a strap that connects to the noseband and the cinch or breastcollar; a control device to limit the height of the horse's head. Western version of the standing martingale. A strap from the girth to the noseband or bosal to keep the horse from tossing his head

Timothy: grass hay, Phleum pratense

Tobiano: paint and Pinto coat pattern of spots that are regular and distinct

Toe Grab: thin protrusion of metal on the toe of a horseshoe. Used primarily on training and racing plates to give increased forward grip and traction

Tongue Strap or Tie: cloth or rubber strap used to tie down a horse's tongue to prevent it from choking in a race or workout

Top-line of the Neck: the upper most line of the neck from the withers to the poll. A good top line should show a gentle upward curve from withers to poll, indicating that the horse works well in a natural outline

Top Side: the sire's side of the pedigree

Torsion: intestine twisted off; torsion of uterus in mare in which uterus is twisted shut at neck

Tovero: a Paint coat pattern that has markings of both the overo and the tobiano

Toxemia: condition caused by presence of bacterial toxins in the blood

Trace: heavy strap that attaches the harness to the vehicle or load being pulled

Track: a path. Also to follow

Track Record: fastest time for a distance at a particular track

Tractable: a quality in a horse's disposition that makes him cooperative and trainable

Trailer: vehicle towed to move horses; long extension on heel of horseshoe

Trainer: the person who trains the horses, is responsible for their wellbeing, and makes the decisions about where and when they will race

Transition: upward or downward change between gaits, speed, direction, or maneuvers

Trappy: course with sharp turns

Travel: the path of the flight of each limb during movement

Travers: haunches-in. The horse is slightly bent around the inside leg of the rider. Its outside legs pass and cross in front of the inside legs. The horse is looking in the direction in which it is moving. Performed along the wall or on the centerline, at an angle of about thirty degrees to the direction in which the horse is moving

Tree: the basic framework of the saddle over which the leather is laid and attached

Triple Bar: ascending staircase jump consisting of three bars that add spread and increase in height

Trot: a two-beat diagonal gait

Turf Course: grass course

Turgor: normal state of distention and resiliency of the skin

Turned Away: the period of rest of some duration, commonly given to the young horse after it has been 'backed'. It can also be used to describe the horse that has been turned out to grass for a holiday. For example hunters are often 'turned away' for the summer to recover from the hard work of the winter hunting months

Turn On The Forehand: maneuver in which the horse's hindquarters rotate around his forehand

Turn On The Haunches (hindquarters): maneuver in which the horse's forehand rotates around his hind end

Turnout: overall appearance of a horse (and rider)

Twitch: a means of restraint. A nose twitch is often a wooden handle with a loop of chain, applied to the horse's upper lip

Two Hand: to ride with one rein in each hand

Two Point: to rise from the saddle, so you contact the horse with only your thighs, not your seat

Two-Track: a lateral movement, where the horse's forefeet and hind feet move on separate tracks. Also called the half-pass

Tying Up: a form of metabolic muscle stiffness caused from irregularity in feed and work schedules

Type: a horse of particular, recognizable type which is not, however, a formal breed. The word is also used to describe an animal of a specific breed which is a good example of that breed, i.e., 'showing good type' for the breed

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