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Dealing with Other Horses/Animals

  • I won't kick at the next horse and get my hind legs caught in the bars of the fence, elevating my hind end off the ground for 2 hours and causing panic w/ the humans (my 24 yr old mare did this, and she stood still the entire time until the vet came and helped her off-at 6 am in the morning (he was not a happy camper))
  • I won't tease the dogs anymore, causing them to bark in the wee hours of the morning.
  • I will try not to run and buck while the next door neighbors are trying to catch their horses (I felt sorry for them; they almost had one caught when my horse bucked and ran, and then all of their horses ran! It was kind of funny though....)
  • When (whomever) does a bronco routine during lessons I will *not* join in, no matter how exciting that would be.
  • I will make friends with the goat. But only if he stops hiding behind the tree while I am working and She stops feeding him my treats in front of me.
  • I will not be jealous when She gives my treats to my best friend Sassy when I don't want to be caught. Jealousy is obviously a vice since I always get caught.
  • I will not bite my mommy's hocks.
  • I will particularly not try to bite big sis's hocks considering that the last time I got in that close she picked me up by the scruff of the neck and drop-kicked me across the pasture.
  • I will not chew on the goat's horns unless the goat asks me to.
  • I Danny, will be nicer to Joey. I won't run ahead of him into my stall in wait to attack him while he's trying to get into his stall.
  • I Joey, promise not to shut Danny in his stall or poop in his hay.
  • I will not torture Tonka and Dazzler until they must kick me around.
  • I will not let that bad doggie hang off my vet-wrapped tail anymore.
  • I will not boss Lady around during grain time, even though the grain she is eating is better than mine. (grain is tastier in whatever grain pail Lady is eating out of than it is in the one Kali is eating out of) :)
  • I promise not to force my sister, Cinnamon, to run around the paddock when its slippery or muddy just so I can see how good her balance is.
  • I will, I will, I will let Cinnamon come in the lean-to in bad weather and not hog it all to myself.
  • I will NOT bite Angel's butt when she tries to come up for Mom to pet her.
  • Cannon_dens are not for chasing.
  • Those little "dustmop dogs" that the other humans bring into the stable are not synonymous with "demons from Hell" (Even if they are annoying, yappy little mutts). Therefore, I do NOT need to streak out of the barn, leaving Mom in the dust, when one of them barks at me.
  • If "Big Mama" cat decides to have her latest litter of kittens in my stall, she can do it herself; I am not required to neigh LOUDLY all night for help; I should just watch the Miracle of Birth and them leave her alone. (I guess Charlie was being over-protective; he and Big Mama are great friends.)
  • I will *not* let the calf chew on my tail. Or my mane. Or my forelock. Or other parts of my body (our neighbor has a wierd story about this!)
  • I will not stick my tail thru the gate to the barn and let the calf chew it.
  • If I persist in letting the calf chew on me, I will be forced to wear my tail in the ugly tail braid that SHE does so the calf can't get at it. And if I still let Roscoe chew on me, I'll have to suffer during fly season because it's **My Own Darn Fault** and I should know better
  • I will not try to get Razz to kick me and the board again, by biting her in the butt until she gets fed up and tries to kick, especially before Mom has the new board nailed up.
  • I will not chase the ponies into the electric fence to see if it is on.
  • I will not chase my friend out of the paddock causing her to jump a fence and break another.

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