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Equine Kingdom Riding Academy
In-House Student Only Schooling Shows

3809 SE School Rd, Greensboro, NC, 27406




Here are Equine Kingdom Riding Academy, we want to give all of our students equal opportunity to succeed! The majority of our students do not own their own horses, but love to participate in horse shows anyway. We feel that it isn't really fair to send our students that ride once or twice a month, on an old, not-quite-in-their-prime-anymore school horse, to a show where they will be competing against riders that have their own horses that they get to work with all the time.


Therefore, in 2011, to level the playing field, we started hosting our own in-house, student-only schooling shows! The classes are divided up by levels to create fairness, and everyone gets a ribbon in every class they attend. There are high-point awards given for each division at each show, and big year-end awards are handed out as well at the end of the year!


These shows are a lot of fun and have lots of participants. Environment is family friendly and very encouraging, everyone will come away happy!


below is a sample of the class list for each show:

Level Up Division (therapeutic riding)

1.      Walk Only

2.      Walk/Trot Equitation

3.      Walk/Trot Pleasure

4.      Hunter Hack (2 crossrails)

5.      Walk/Trot, Canter By Yourself

6.      Mounted Obstacle Course


Level One Division

7.      Walk/Trot Pleasure

8.      Walk/Trot Equitation

9.      Walk/Trot Open

10.  Walk/Trot Crossrail Course

11.  Walk/Trot Hunter Hack

12.  Walk/Trot, Canter By Yourself

13.  Mounted Obstacle Course


Games/Fun Classes

14.  Musical Stalls

15.  Leadline

16.  Parents/Grandparents Only

17.  Bareback Walk/Trot

18.  Carrot Race – 12 & Under

19.  Carrot Race – 13 & over



*Lunch Break*


Level Two Division

20.  Walk/Trot Pleasure

21.  Walk/Trot Equitation

22.  Go As You Please

23.  Walk/Trot/Canter Open

24.  Hunter Hack GAYP

25.  Crossrail Course

26.  Mounted Obstacle Course


Level Three Division

27.  English Pleasure

28.  English Equitation

29.  English GAYP

30.  Walk/Trot/Canter Open

31.  18” Jump Course

32.  Hunter Hack GAYP

33.  Mounted Obstacle Course














Meet Our Wonderful, Safe Horses!

26 year old Quarter Horse mare
English/Western, Beginner-Advanced

18 year old Chestnut Gelding
English/Western, Beginner-Advanced

year old Pony Mare
English/Western, Int-Advanced

Blue Jeans
14 year old Quarter Horse Mare
English/Western, Beginner-Intermediate

16 year old Quarter Horse Mare
English/Western, Beg-Advanced

18 y/o Morgan/Quarter Mare
English/Western, Beg-Advanced

14 year old Quarter Horse Mare
English/Western, Beg-Advanced


15 year old Paint Gelding
English/Western, Int-Advanced
(owned by Nancy T.)

22 year old Arabian Gelding
English/Western, Beg-Advanced
(owned by Bella L.)



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