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How to Think Like A Horse: The Essential Handbook for Understanding Why Horses Do What They Do

Horse Stable and Riding Arena Design

Horse Owner's Veterinary Handbook (Howell Reference Books)

Horsekeeping on a Small Acreage: Designing and Managing Your Equine Facilities

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Dances With Horses
Natural Horse-Man-Ship: Six Keys to a Natural Horse-Human Relationship
Trailer Loading: An Essential DVD for Everyone Who Will Trailer a Horse! Frank Bell DVD

Spooking and Shying Horses Frank Bell DVD

Downunder Horsemanship by Clinton Anderson Riding with Confidence - Horsemanship Under Saddle Series 1: Part 1 thru 4 (VHS)
John Lyons' Bringing up Baby: 20 Progressive Ground-Work Exercises to Develop Your Young Horse into a Reliable, Accepting Partner
Lyons on Horses
Maximizing Your Western Pleasure Horse Vol. 1
Professional Nylon Training Surcingle
Dressage PVC Training Cones

Natural horsemanship clinics, horse training techniques and unique horse training products using Horsewhisperer Frank Bell 's acclaimed Gentle Solutions . Frank's Safe and Simple techniques for training horses can achieve instant results - even with problem horses! Making it Simple! Making It Safe! Get There Now! Frank Bell's horse training philosophy is refreshingly unique in that it encompasses a much bigger picture of the horse than most trainers bring to their first meeting. In this day and age of hurrying, seeking immediate gratification, and take, take, take, he has chosen to do nothing but give to his horses'until they are ready to give back to him'willingly, happily, and eagerly.

Equine Affaire

The mission of Equine Affaire, Inc. is to produce events designed to improve the horse management, training, and riding skills of current horsemen, promote communication and cooperation within our very diverse national horse industry, provide an introduction to the extraordinary world of horses, and showcase the finest horses and riders representing a variety of horse breeds and equestrian disciplines. Enthusiastic attendees enjoyed four full days of seminars and hands-on demonstrations at the Wahl Clipper Seminar Stage, the Exiss Demo Ring in the Bricker Annex, and the Arabian Horse Association Demo Ring in the Celeste Center. Industry experts presented non-stop sessions on a wide variety of horse management, health, and training topics relevant to horse enthusiasts from amateurs to seasoned professionals.

Rodeo Tickets

We have been offering Rodeo tickets for Rodeo fans for 20 years. We strive to satisfy each customer with the best tickets and seating available. We offer excellent customer service here online during business hours or via phone. We offer tickets to all Rodeo events. You will be able to purchase your Rodeo tickets here online at this site 24 hours a day. Feel free to chat directly with any of our ticket agents while you are here and ask any questions you may need. We accept all the major credit cards.

Pat Parelli

The Parelli method allows horse lovers at all levels and disciplines to achieve: success without force, partnership without dominance, teamwork without fear, willingness without intimidation, and harmony without coercion. Founded in 1981 by lifelong horseman and teacher Pat Parelli, the Parelli Program combines common sense psychology and communication. Unlike many training programs, the Parelli method teaches the human, not the horse. Early on, Pat realized that horses already had all the skills they needed to thrive and relate with their kind. It was adding the human element that complicated things. Horse owners who follow the Parelli program have found the greatest gift is discovering that Parelli enhances not only their relationship and communication with the horse, but touches every other relationship in their lives.

Lynn Palm

Partnership Training' trains people and horses using the Principles of Dressage. Dressage Principles are basic training principles for all breeds of horses and disciplines. Our teaching methods will improve the rider's skills and knowledge, which in turn will improve the performance and/or training of the horse. We work with riders of any age and all skill levels to ensure a great partnership with their horses. We are also well known for taking competitors to their next level in the show ring.

Ken McNabb

Ken McNabb doesn't just do clinics ' he offers experiences of a lifetime. Whether you spend 3 days at a Ken McNabb Clinic in your area, or 3 weeks at a Ken McNabb Apprenticeship Program in the beautiful mountains of Wyoming, you will learn more about horses... and possibly yourself... than you've learned in your lifetime. Explore our website or call today, and discover the horseman within you.

John Lyons

John's extraordinary ability to inspire and teach people how to become partners with their horses has launched a global training career that has spanned over 25 years. After a successful show career and gaining practical horse knowledge on his Colorado cattle ranch, John began giving training clinics and symposiums in 1980. With a background in education, he recognized people were eager for help with their horses, and developed an extremely successful, solid training program that is unsurpassed.

Willing Partners - Peter Campbell

Peter Campbell is an artist, a student of the horse, one of the very few horse trainers today who actually has made his living on horseback. Some call it 'Natural Horsemanship'; Peter calls it simply understanding why and how the horse operates. Incorporating his life experiences along with the heritage of the vaquero, Campbell is able to bring his students over 25 years of practical learning and horse wisdom.

Lynn D Farms

This facility teaches horses to be respectful of their handler's space, to politely and quietly lead and stand, to move forward, backwards, and laterally, and to confidently go over and through obstacles without crowding their handler. The consequence of this work is that the horse becomes safe and attentive no matter what is going on around it, and the secondary benefit is that much of what a horse learns in hand transfers under saddle. Steven begins correcting many serious problems, such as running off and spooking, through exercises on the ground. Horses learn that regardless of what emotion they are feeling, they must respond to it in an acceptable way. They learn that the person riding or handling them is more important than anything else, and they must keep their attention on you no matter what the distraction.

Equine Structural Integration

If you think you want to learn to help horses and or dogs move better with less pain than this course is for you. You will not only learn effective techniques to balance the soft tissue but you will come away from these courses with a new way to look at the structure of your animal companions and clients. In a 5 day course you will learn enough to be able to either start or increase your business working with animals. (These courses are recognized by the International Association of Structural Integrators for Level II continuing education credit)

Home Ranch

Laughter, smiles, and contentment are found here at our beautiful northwest Colorado dude ranch. Ride with us over rolling meadows to fascinating vistas. We have a riding program that is progressive and varied. Meal time is always an event. The cuisine created by Chef Clyde Nelson and crew is a big part of why we are members of Relais and Chateaux. The conversations at our long tables are always memorable. Be it riding, fishing or hiking ' a dude ranch vacation should be experienced for the pure joy it provides both children and adults.

Equine Extravaganza

Equine Extravaganza' is pleased to announce our new show in Raleigh, NC, August 3-5, 2007 at the North Carolina State Fair Grounds. This east coast equestrian expo, like the Virginia Equine Extravaganza, will feature three full days of clinics, demonstrations, seminars, shopping and equestrian fun. Both shows will bring the best in everything equine to our attendees. Our line up of top trainers in dressage, eventing, jumping, pole bending, reining, western pleasure, gaited horses, general training, driving and more, includes some of the best clinicians the horse industry has to offer. Come and see Ken McNabb, Charles Wilhelm, Steffen Peters, Jim Wofford, Phillip Dutton, Ryan Gingerich, Julie Goodnight, Kenny Harlow, Colleen Kelly, Paul Maye, and many others. Enjoy great family entertainment, educational seminars, breed demonstrations, the best vendors the horse industry has to offer, trailer shopping extravaganza and our Friday and Saturday evening Equus Extraordinaire equestrian cabaret. Whether horses are your passion or your profession, you'll find a wealth of demonstrations, information and products to satisfy your specific needs at the Equine Extravaganza' Our vendors represent some of the best shopping the horse industry has to offer. And our clinics and seminars represent one of the most comprehensive collections of topics anywhere in the country.

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