Equine Kingdom Riding Academy is no longer in operation.
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How to Think Like A Horse: The Essential Handbook for Understanding Why Horses Do What They Do

Horse Stable and Riding Arena Design

Horse Owner's Veterinary Handbook (Howell Reference Books)

Horsekeeping on a Small Acreage: Designing and Managing Your Equine Facilities

- Equine Kingdom Riding Academy Boarding & Services -
No Longer Offered

 At Equine Kingdom, your horse is treating with the absolutely finest quality care. Owner lives on site, so horses are checked on 24/7.

Coggins and Shots REQUIRED!

Full Boarding includes:

-High quality grain , custom feeding program

-Orchardgrass/fescue hay 2-3x/day (free choice in pastures) (we feed round and square bales)

-Dewormer every 2 months

-Daily group turnout on paddocks or pastures

-Farrier & vet appointment scheduled; we'll hold your horse for you if you can't be there

-Blanketing/fly mask (boarder supplies)

-Supplements fed (boarder supplies)

-Nice large box stall with fresh, clean shavings

-Stalls cleaned/picked daily

-Midnight/early morning checkups

-Fresh water & buckets cleaned/filled daily

(if a boarder has a special request, they must provide grain at their own cost) (up to 2 scoops/day - any extra must be provided by owner)

 If boarder requests a different feed than provided by stable, we'll be more than happy to feed it but you will need to provide the feed as well as a container to keep it in.

Use of all facilities/amenities including but not limited to:

-100' x 200' lighted outdoor arena with jumps, barrels, and lots of equipment

-17 stall barn completely enclosed, 3 entrances/exits

-Crossties or tie rings

-Seperate boarder tack room

-Handicapped accessible Bathroom with shower

-Large tack rooms with plenty of storage space

-Trailer storage (extra charge)

-Heated wash stall

-Microwave & refrigerator

-Large round pen

-Access to trails

-Trailering available

-Upstairs loft for parties/meetings/gatherings

-8 acres of lush pastures and turnout paddocks

-picnic/party area

-Playground and swing for the children (and the young at heart!)

Full Board: $400/month

Pasture Board includes:

-Paddocks in a nice, sheltered, tree-filled area
-High quality hay 2x/day
-Use of all facilities
-Fresh water daily
-Blanketing/fly mask upon request (boarder supplies)

Pasture Board: not available at this time


Shipping/hauling charge per mile: $2.00 per horse

Front Shoes instead of trimming: $60

Shoes all the way around instead of trimming: $90

1 scoop beet pulp per day per horse: $20/month

1 scoop Omega Plus (fat supp.) per day/horse: $30/month

Light in stall: $20/month

Fan in stall: $20/month

-extra hay: $25/month

- Overnight board: $15 per 24 hr period

-Board paid by the day: $15/day

-Boarding late fees: $5/day

-Trailer Parking: $25/month

-Stall rest care: extra $10/day

- Training your horse to get on/off a trailer: $200 for 3 sessions of up to 1.5 hrs each

-Individual instead of group turnout: $30/month

-Exercise ride: $20/ride

-Lunging: $10/session

-Daily grooming/hoofpicking - $20/month or $3/session

-Clipping (muzzle, bridle path, eyes, jowls, ears) for a horse that behaves: $25
 -clipping for a horse that needs to be trained to be clipped: $100

-Show coaching on-site for students: $30 per person per show day for your own horse, $35 per person for students using school horses.

- Horse Leasing: $75-100/horse

-Mane pulling: $30/horse

-Show braiding - mane & tail - $75

-Riding lessons: $25 per half hour group lesson on BOARDER'S HORSE

-Extra shavings: $20/month

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