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September 2010 Horse Show Pictures - Flintrock Farm, Reidsville

Equine Kingdom took 12 students and 2 horses to the September 18 Schooling Show at Flintrock Farm in Reidsville. Most of the kids that rode were in 2 classes each, and mostly walk/trot. Prissy and Enoch are absolute troopers and were SO GOOD the entire day. We love our wonderful school horses!

Avery/Enoch and Lydia/Prissy awaiting the first class of the day - Class 3, Novice horse Walk/Trot

Janice and Phillip waiting for Lydia to show in her first class. Stephanie, rider # 222, is in the background.

Lydia ready to win a ribbon! and Mariana and Marcy waiting for the right classes.

Callie and Grace, ready for their turns!

 First class of the day!

Equine Kingdom Riding Academy took up a HUGE portion of the rail. :)

Posting on the correct diagonal!

Gracie, one of my best young riders!!

Mariana on Prissy - they placed 6th in this class, at her first horse show!! yay!

Lovely Lauren on Prissy - she did well at this show!

Caitlyn did SUCH a good job with Enoch on Saturday!!! He loves her!

Lydia with her "take" of the day, and Isla lookin on in the background.

Caitlyn posing with Sarah, at Sarah's first ever leadline class at a horse show!

good job everyone!!!

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