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September 2008 Riding Lessons

Sydney, Sandy, Jeanne, Kaitlyn, Christopher, Diana, Brendan, Amelia, Justine, Emma, Taya, Sarah T., Humza, Taha, Taylor, Bianca, Melanie, Carmen, Madison, Lauren S., Lauren & Andrew T., Hannah, Mercer, Mahlon, and Natalie!

Sandy practicing trotting Dublin for the show

HECK of a trot on Prissy, Sydney!!

Trotting Dublin over 18" jumps

Jumping Prissy - Syndey, look at your hands - remember I said you need to do a crest release and move your hands forward?

Same thing with the hands, Syndey - otherwise very nice!

Nice trot over the jump, Sandy!

Hahaha Sydney looking down, but with good form otherwise

Jeanne not paying attention to me....hahahhaha

Good trot - feet need to move forward in the stirrups though!

OO pretty walk, Sydney!

Enoch & Jeanne

Shari, Kaitlyn, Christopher H.

Kaitlyn Trotting Prissy

Christopher riding Enoch, Jeanne Leading

Kaitlyn being silly

PRETTY Diana on Dublin!!

Brendan riding Prissy

Brendan turning Prissy alone for the first time

Diana/Dublin, Amelia/Prissy

THis is absolutely CLASSIC - Amelia watching Prissy Poop!!

Nice trot on Dublin

Diana's wonderful two-point position jumping Dublin

Meels looking back at me!

Riding all by herself - nearly the entire lesson!

Justine on Prissy

Emma on Dublin, not knowing I was taking her picture

Justine turning Prissy - nice boots!!

Emma being silly!

Justine/Prissy, Emma/Dublin

Taya riding Prissy

Sarah T. Riding Prissy

Taya practicing Backing Prissy up

Sarah Trotting on her own!!

Humza/Enoch, Taha/Prissy for their first riding Lesson!

Taylor riding Lady - practicing for the show

Taylor cantering Lady - Tay, look at your hands - they came up - look at your feet, they slipped through the stirrups and your toes are pointing down!

Bianca Cantering Maggie - Heels down quick!!

Bianca cantering Maggie, with better heel position this time!

Melanie on Maggie - it was getting dark, so these didn't turn out quite so well

Getting ready to canter Maggie

Melanie Cantering Maggie

Sandy Trotting Lady

Melanie on Maggie. Pretty girls!!

Mel/Maggie again

Sandy/Lady again!

Carmen Trotting Lady

Carmen with good heels on Lady!!

Carmen/Lady, Madison/Maggie

Maggie was misbehaving a little, so I walked with Madison a little bit.

Lauren trotting Maggie

Beautiful Extended Trot With Lauren/Maggie

GOOD trot, but look at the LOOK on your face, Jeanne! :) :)

Lauren/Maggie with Jeanne, Andrew/Lady with Lauren

Lauren and Lady with Andrew doing a great job with his position!

Lauren's all in control there with her hands and great feet!

Andrew on Lady

Lauren on Maggie

This little one just couldn't stop laughing!

Lauren giggling every step of the way!! :)

Andrew picking up his stirrups by himself for the first time!

Lauren trotting, and of course giggling!

Hannah on Dublin - check out the back position here, leaning forward - then look at the next pic.

Now look at Hannah's back position

Look at it here as well - note that she's no longer leaning forward, and her heels aren't coming up like they usually do!

Hannah jumping Dublin

Mahlon/Dublin, Mercer/Prissy

Mahlon walking Dublin

Mercer trotting Prissy

Mercer trotting Prissy again!

Mahlon trotting Dublin

Jeanne trotting Enoch

Mahlon and a better trot

Mercer and Prissy



Mahlon jumping Dublin

Natalie on Prissy

Beautiful Natalie and Prissy!!

Pretty Natalie! Love the smile!

Natalie's first trot by herself!!
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