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Employment Vs. Unemployment

There are many angles from which to look when viewing the question of whether or not to work. Although there are numerous drawbacks to the professional careers many pursue, to make money you're clearly going to have to work. If instead of choosing to work, people chose unemployment, their lives would lack income but not the time to enjoy themselves. Employment is the position the majority of people choose, although some are employed only out of necessity. The unemployed population often finds it difficult to survive on their meager revenue and eventually seek employment status.

Being an employed citizen of America comes with many perks; you have a definite, steady income that you can depend on to support yourself and your family.  With most full-time jobs you receive health and retirement benefits, and you also get a feeling of security because you are covered with insurance. Vacation days are available if you need a break from all the work. Employment provides opportunities for leadership, and you can be promoted to a higher position, which usually generates more income. Sometimes businesses even choose certain times during the year to give out bonuses to its most valuable employees. Employment status can keep your time occupied and stimulate your mind. Having a job places you in an environment that allows you to meet new people and have quality social interaction with others in the workplace.  Through everyday experiences you can improve your social skills that will help you later in life.  Holding down a job gives you the chance to share your talents or passions with others in the community.

A steady job is an asset for many people, but the stress in the workplace environment can be overwhelming to the average American. Because the work employs both time and energy, the negative aspects of employment can crop up frequently. If you work for a corporation, you have little or no control over your job schedule or even the amount of your salary. You could easily end up working long, possibly unpaid hours, furthering the time that you have to spend on something you enjoy. These are the factors of dealing with a strict working environment in which you have no freedom to choose the best path to take, having instead to work closely with other in decision-making. Although workers are often given paid leave, time off is a privilege that few businesspeople have much of to spare. Disagreement may frequently crop up with your co-workers and boss, creating animosity in the working environment. The many drawbacks of working in the structured business environment of the employed culminate until many people are thoroughly tired of their jobs and quit, searching for different adequate revenue.

The single word that validates unemployment is time. Too many people don't have enough time. There is not time to take the kids to the park, there is no time to fix the screen door, and sometimes, there is no time for play in general. Being unemployed allows you to do anything you want within financial means. With no job you will now be able to spend the whole day at the park while dreaming of all you could be doing. You will be able to take up a new hobby such as fixing doors. When you are unemployed, time is on your side.

People that are unemployed have much more time for themselves, but there can be many reasons why they are unemployed. Some people can be lazy and just don't want to work or it could have to do with economic and cyclical conditions. The definition of unemployment used in this essay is not the same as the U.S. Government's technical term. The general description of unemployment is defined and measured as the condition and number of workers who would be willing to work at the prevailing wage and are seeking, but not finding, a job they attended college to obtain.

Both the employed and unemployed statuses have their advantages, but the benefits of the employed far outweigh those of un-working population. Few people see the profits of being unemployed, although many do nothing to change their position from such a standard. The pros of working are much better than either the cons of working or the pros of unemployment. For everyone but the unmotivated who don't care about how they live, employment is definitely the way to go.   

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