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"Google It" - The Story Behind The Internet's Best Search Engine

 No Internet search engine is as highly used or viewed as is Google, the biggest name on the Internet. We have Larry Page and Sergey Brin, two young entrepreneurs, to thank for providing this useful tool for our utilization. Both boys were middle class, clean cut, well-behaved boys from a middle class American neighborhood before they started the Google search engine, and despite the fact that they have the ability to live an extravagant lifestyle now, they continue to live modestly.

 Both men were computer nerds in their college years. They met at Stanford University in 1995, where both were working towards their doctorates in computer sciences. Although they did not immediately hit it off, in time they became good friends in the process of developing a new Internet search engine program from the dorm they shared. Initially their program, a software system in which the search engine would list result according to the popularity and usefulness of the websites, was called BackRub. Its name was officially changed to Google, which was derived from the word googol, meaning the numeral one followed by one hundred zeros, in 1996, after which Page and Brin dropped out of college. The rest, as they like to say, is history.

 Having gathered a horrendous amount of debt buying a terabyte of memory to hold their program, Mr. Page and Mr. Brin managed to pull together one million dollars from their family and friends to pay off the debt of their maxed-out credit cards and college loan. On September 7th, 1998, Sergey and Larry officially launched Google from a friend's garage in Menlo Park, California. Whereas originally Google only received 10,000 hits per day, today it gets over 200 million every day. The Google headquarters is now stationed in the heart of California's Silicon Valley instead of a garage. Certain interesting quirks are placed at the headquarters to keep the staff happy and interested. These include roller-hockey games, pianos, occasional rock concerts, and an on-site masseuse.

 The Google business grew quickly, soon needing new space, upgraded to a small office in a business complex, consequently requiring a larger and larger area to grow to accommodate its growing number of employees and equipment. Over the years Google has grown tremendously and continues to even to this day. For a business to develop as much as Google has in only six years is an incredible feat and not one hat very many can boast. Larry Page and Sergey Brin have definitely made it in the world quite successfully and managed to stay humble and modest, even though they are, to borrow a colloquialism, 'filthy rich.' These two are entrepreneurs worthy of looking up to in the business world.
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