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Heaven Is...

 Heaven... it's out of this world! It's better than the most wonderful place on earth. I'm so glad I have the hope of heaven awaiting me at the end of this journey we call life. There have been many speculations of what heaven will be like'and I, for one, can hardly wait to find out what is really true! I can't even imagine what heaven will really be like, but from various places throughout the Bible I can ascertain somewhat of a view of such a magical, godly place.

 Heaven will be a place to forget my past'. all the unpleasant, awful parts of it, anyway. I won't any longer need to be upset about the trials I've gone through, struggling to rein in my fiery temper when dealing with my brother and family. When I reach heaven, I needn't worry any more about the years I spent as a little monster, the times I was angered at the slightest provocation. God has forgiven that past, and although I still mess up quite often, I have a time to look forward to when I won't ever again make such mistakes. What an amazing wonder it is to me that the Lord has provided such a treasure, an eternity of dwelling with Him, at the end of such a life as mine. To my knowledge, I have many years left to live, and I hope and pray that in those years I will grow in the Word and build others up in God's name, although I could never measure up to the standards of Christ.

 Heaven is a place of washed away tears. All the tears I've cried over traumatic years, trouble brought upon myself in many situations, anger over things not working right, and over dilemmas out of my hands, will be dried-up and wiped away, according to God's perfect Word. No more do I have to think how I hurt other people with my words. I don't need to think about all the tears I shed over angry words, both coming from and directed toward me. I will no longer have any need for tears, for they are of the world and have no place in God's holy, marvelous kingdom of heaven. 

 Heaven is lit up with God's glory. The light we have here on earth comes from the sun, and is only visible about twelve hours of the day, due to the rotation of the earth. However, heaven will be ever lit with the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ, for all eternity. Darkness will never again reign or have a place in our eternal lives. I will never have reason to dread or fear darkness again, for in heaven all is light and God is there. Night will cease to exist and we will forever be bathed in the light of the glory of God.

 Heaven's gates are always open, therefore I do not have worry about not being able to see my Lord. Whereas on earth doors, both physical and mental, have been shut in my face and I have been denied entrance to many places, in heaven no doors will exist, and everything will be accessible. I no longer need to fear rejection or contempt, scorn or rebuff. 

 In heaven I will never go hungry. I will drink the living water from the river of the water of life. I will eat of the trees that bear abundant fruit. I will never again be cursed. I will walk on streets paved in gold ' that which man treasures so today on this earth will be trod upon in the next. I will see every single one of my Christian friends, those that I've moved away from and missed terribly, and those that I could hardly stand to even be around. I'll reunite with those I hardly know, and those I know all the way down to their hearts.

 I won't ever again have to worry about sitting in certain positions to keep my knee from throbbing, nor will I have to take pills to control throat and other health problems. I will be able to run and never grow weary ' and to me, this is a highly desired goal, for I have never been able to run without suffering a good deal of discomfort. I will never again need to worry about severe dizziness from spinning around once or twice. I needn't worry about ever having scars, bumps, bruises, or marks on my body that appeared on my earthly body. I won't have to have any more of those loathsome shots I so despise. My heavenly body will be new and beautiful and like the Lord Jesus Christ.

 In heaven I will be new; I will be transformed. I will be as someone who has never been touched by the horrors of this earth. I will never have to worry about a reckless, careless driver careening into my car while I'm out driving. I won't have to worry about getting everything done in a day's time, because time will no longer exist. I have an eternity to do whatever I want and just bask in the glory of God. Moving away from friends and family will never again be an issue, for they will dwell with me in Paradise. Money will never be a factor in my life again, so I don't have to think about what I can afford and what I can't afford, or how much this or that costs. I won't need to worry about what I watch on TV or what enters my ears or what comes out of my mouth, because no matter what, life will be perfect and sacred with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. There will be no earthly filth in heaven, so no worries there.

 Best of all, however, will be seeing my Lord face to face. Because I am a Christian, when I come into God's presence I will hear those wonderful words: 'Well done, thou good and faithful servant. Enter thou into the joy of thy Lord.' And with that welcome from the angel finding my name written in the Book of Life, I will see Jesus for the first time. All speculation on His blessed appearance will be quelled as I gaze at His majesty for the first time with my undeserving eyes. It amazes me every time I think about entering His presence how I, a mere peon in the ranks of all mankind, a sinner, unworthy of ever entering heaven, could be so blessed as to have the Son of God die in my place so I could have eternal life. I don't think I will ever understand such a sacrifice; it is that unfathomable in my mind. Heaven, to me, will be the most incredible experience.

 Such an abundance of love awaits me to the end of time and beyond. Because I know the future that awaits me, I do not fear death. In fact, I can hardly wait to spend eternity in the presence of the Lord God of all, my creator and sustainer. I will spend the rest of my days doing my best to work up to His standards, witnessing to others about this future and our God, who is so gracious and merciful. Without God's incredible gift of salvation, I wouldn't stand a chance of ever dwelling in such a paradise.

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