Macaroni Pony, our Popular Super Senior Rescue Pony

Macaroni Pony, a 14 hand grade palomino pony, is our "super senior rescue boy" - we don't know how old he is, we picked him up from the feedlot about 2 years ago with the intent to rehab and rehome him. He came very underweight, and with the worst teeth that I've ever seen on a horse - the vet concurred!! He ended up becoming verypopular and very, very loved, very quickly, and it was a general consensus that he would stay. Due to his age, he is only used for birthday parties, our "littles" lessons, beginner summer camps, and trail rides. He is incredibly sweet, has zero reaction to him, and takes extremely good care of the little ones - he has got a heart of GOLD just like his coat!! We absolutely LOVE this gem of a gelding and he will live out the remainder of his days with an easy job here that he loves. We do not know exactly how old he is, but the estimate is in his mid-20s.

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