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Horsekeeping on a Small Acreage: Designing and Managing Your Equine Facilities

- Endurance Quiz -

1. What is the idea of an endurance ride?

  1. To get to the end first no matter what
  2. To reach the end with your horse in good condition
  3. To eliminate as many people in the race as possible
  4. To find the best shortcut

2. Which of these are standard endurance ride distances?

  1. 25-100+ miles
  2. 100-200+ miles
  3. 78-330 miles
  4. 200- 550+ miles

3. Endurance riding as an organized sport began in earnest in ___?____

  1. The 1930s
  2. The 1940s
  3. The 1950s
  4. The 1960s

4. Who sparked the interest in endurance riding by his ride from Squaw Valley, through Sierra Nevada Range, and on to Auburn?

  1. Pierre D'Oriola
  2. Justin Kisber
  3. John Wayne
  4. Wendall T. Robie

5. What was the afore mentioned route named as the world's first official endurance trail?

  1. Squaw Valley to Auburn
  2. Sierra Nevada Trail
  3. Western States Trail Ride
  4. West to Auburn

(highlight the area below with your mouse to see answers)

1. B
2. A
3. C
4. D
5. C




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