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How to Think Like A Horse: The Essential Handbook for Understanding Why Horses Do What They Do

Horse Stable and Riding Arena Design

Horse Owner's Veterinary Handbook (Howell Reference Books)

Horsekeeping on a Small Acreage: Designing and Managing Your Equine Facilities

- Extra Intelligent Quiz -

1. What horse used to be known as the Kentucky Saddler?

  1. Tennessee Walking Horse
  2. Saddlebred
  3. Furioso
  4. Hanoverian

2. What part of the hoof supplies nutrition to the digital cushion on which it is molded?

  1. Pedal
  2. Bar
  3. Frog
  4. Perioplic ring

3. In which of these diseases does a horse adopt a leaning back stance?

  1. Sesamoiditis
  2. Conjunctivitis
  3. Laminitis
  4. Osteochondrosis

4. What is a New Zealand Rug used for?

  1. Traveling
  2. Keeping out water
  3. Cooling the horse down
  4. To give protection from wind and cold

5. What is a 'Harbridge'?

  1. A type of training bridle
  2. A type of surcingle
  3. A type of saddle
  4. A type of girth

6. What is the lightest a racing saddle can be?

  1. 10 ounces
  2. 11 ounces
  3. One pound
  4. Two pounds

7. Which of these people is NOT a member of USET?

  1. David O'Connor
  2. Pierre d'Oriola
  3. Jill Henneberg
  4. Bruce Davidson

8. Standardbreds are used for

  1. Steeplechasing
  2. Gallop racing
  3. Endurance racing
  4. Harness racing

9. Which of these horses is NOT a heavy horse?

  1. Noriker
  2. Jutland
  3. Ariegeois
  4. Breton

10. Which of these authors writes the series 'The Saddle Club'?

  1. Joanna Campbell
  2. Will James
  3. Gilbert Morris
  4. Bonnie Bryant

(highlight the area below with your mouse to see answers)

1. B

2. C

3. C

4. D

5. A

6. B

7. B

8. D

9. C

10. D



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