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Equine Kingdom Riding Academy

Where Christ REINS Supreme

Welcome to Equine Kingdom Riding Academy, the best Horseback Riding in the Greensboro area. Take a look through our site to learn about our wide selection of courses, our dedicated team, important news, updates and much more.



Services We Offer


Professional Approach

Our riding instructors are either certified or under tutelage from a certified riding instructor. Their approach to instruction is professional and very well done; our first priority is safety and forward progress for every student!

Come take Riding Lessons at Equine Kingdom and learn how much fun riding can be, and how quickly you can progress! We have wonderful, safe lesson horses for ages 2 and up! Lessons are customized for each age/group level and every lesson is different!

Personalized Attention

Equine Kingdom specializes in small/medium group lessons - typically 2 to 6 riders per lesson. Take the time to get to know our instructors and their individual, unique ways of instruction!  Students will learn quickly and safely how to work with horses!

Riders will learn to:

  • Ride correctly

  • Groom a horse

  • Feed/care for a horse

  • saddle/bridle a horse

  • ride on trails

  • show a horse

  • and much, much more!

You'll learn to groom your horse, put on a saddle and bridle quickly and efficiently, mount and dismount your horse, turn your horse correctly, walk, trot, and canter, jump small jumps, maneuver a course of poles, judge distances, and much, much more!

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Summer Camps

Equine Kingdom Riding Academy offers various services to the equestrian community through the form of horseback riding summer camps. We have an experienced staff on hand to help at all times. Safety is of the utmost importance and your child will be in the best possible care. The horses are well-seasoned veterans, used for lessons throughout the entire year, and are well-versed in their job duties. Your son or daughter will experience responsibility in working as a team member. They will also learn how to set their own personal goals and create a plan for accomplishing those goals. Positive attitude and self confidence are created through accomplishments which will enable her to try new things and succeed in any endeavor.

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Guided Trail Rides/All Around Riding

Seeking a one-time ride for yourself, family/friends? We can help you! We offer a specialized lesson/ride just for this purpose! You'll get to groom your horse, learn to ride in the arena and then take your horse out on our small course of trails around the farm and through the woods!

These are not your typical trail rides, though, where you're in a long line with 20 other riders, riding around on a horse you know nothing about, scared to do anything in case the horse acts up on you! 
Children and adults ages 3 and up are eligible to go on these trail rides. Children under 12 will have a handler walking next to the horse unless they have extensive riding experience. Rider must be 350 pounds or lighter. We do not allow children to ride with adults, it is unsafe.